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Synergy Laboratories Adds Medical Testing Expertise to Fight Coronavirus & Covid-19

Updated: Apr 11, 2022

MOBILE, AL, April 6, 2020 (BusinessWire) Synergy Laboratories (Synergy) adds its significant medical testing expertise to the fight against the coronavirus and COVID-19. Synergy began offering coronavirus testing to healthcare facilities on Wednesday April 1, 2020. Synergy is the first medical laboratory in South Alabama to offer these tests.

“Fast, accurate testing is one of the keys to combatting the spread of the coronavirus. Our new testing capability has been approved by the U. S. Food and Drug Administration (“FDA”) and will dramatically expand the information available to public health officials, hospitals and physicians, helping save lives and allowing the healthcare system to better deal with this crisis.” said Brad Pitts, Synergy’s Chief Executive Officer.

Brandon Biles, Synergy’s Chief Operating Officer, highlighted the speed of the new testing process. He said, “We will be able to deliver results in within one-to-two days utilizing the latest test equipment and our cutting-edge information services technology. This will help patients learn their status quickly, and allow individuals who test positive for COVID-19 to begin receiving treatment sooner.”

Synergy will be processing testing samples delivered to the lab from healthcare facilities and physicians’ offices only. Existing Synergy clients may order test kits through their normal online channels. Prospective customers can contact Synergy by phone at (251) 662-9760 or establish a new client relationship through Synergy’s New Client link at

The new testing capability will utilize a ThermoFisher 7500 Fast Dx system, which is one of three systems recently given fast-track approval by the FDA under an emergency use authorization. Synergy is preparing the required test kits in its facilities in Mobile, Alabama, and will be distributing them to healthcare facilities and physicians.

About Synergy Laboratories

Synergy Laboratories is a full-service diagnostic laboratory that utilizes a wide range of innovative platforms to improve patient care. Founded in 2015, by Brad Pitts and Brandon Biles, Synergy’s mission is to ethically serve the healthcare sector and give healthcare providers quality service and accurate results. In recent years, Synergy has continued to invest in the latest technology to serve their ever-growing client base. This includes many exciting announcements to follow. To learn more, visit or stay up to date with Synergy on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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