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Synergy Laboratories is now able to test for Covid-19 antibodies

Updated: Apr 11, 2022

MOBILE, Ala. -- (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Synergy Laboratories (Synergy) announced today that it is now able to test for the presence of key antibodies to the coronavirus. Individuals infected with the coronavirus produce IgM and IgG antibodies and identifying these antibodies can play a crucial role in understanding the degree of immunity a COVID-19 survivor has developed.

Brad Pitts, Synergy’s Chief Executive Officer said, “Once we can determine the level of antibodies an individual has developed, we can begin to assess their immunity to this potentially deadly disease. Armed with that knowledge, for example, we will be better able to clear frontline healthcare workers and first responders to return to their critical roles in fighting the pandemic.”

“Assessing immunity levels, or lack thereof, can also identify individuals who lack immunity and should be careful about their public exposure and susceptibility to the virus. This information will be an important part of strategies to limit the spread of the virus and will help determine when, or if, it’s safe for someone to return to work or engage in other activities where they may be exposed to the virus,” said Brandon Biles, Synergy’s Chief Operating Officer.

Synergy is using two newly developed, FDA-approved serology testing assays, one produced by Beckman Coulter, Inc. and another produced by Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics, Inc.; both have been proven to deliver highly accurate results with a fast test turnaround time. As one of the first medical laboratories in South Alabama to offer FDA-approved testing for the COVID-19 virus, adding the capability of identifying post-infection antibodies further strengthens Synergy’s leadership role in the fight against the coronavirus. Sourcing these reliable testing products from two leading manufacturers will ensure that Synergy can meet the expected demand for COVID-19 antibody testing in the months ahead.

Synergy has been at the forefront of COVID-19 detection and mitigation efforts since the earliest days of the pandemic in Alabama, and is now able to process approximately 2,500 tests per day, making the lab a vital partner serving public health experts, first responders, and healthcare providers and facilities all across the Gulf Coast and throughout the State of Alabama.

Synergy is processing COVID-19 samples delivered to the lab from healthcare facilities and physicians’ offices only. Existing Synergy clients may order test kits through their normal online channels. Prospective customers can contact Synergy by phone at (251) 662-9760 or establish a new client relationship through Synergy’s New Client link at

About Synergy Laboratories

Synergy Laboratories is a full-service diagnostic laboratory that utilizes a wide range of innovative platforms to improve patient care. Founded in 2015, by Brad Pitts and Brandon Biles, Synergy’s mission is to ethically serve the healthcare sector and give healthcare providers quality service and accurate results. In recent years, Synergy has continued to invest in the latest technology to serve their ever-growing client base. This includes many exciting announcements to follow. To learn more, visit or stay up to date with Synergy on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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