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About Synergy

To reduce human and economic costs of healthcare,
we must lead with integrity.

At Synergy Laboratories we believe the key to reducing the human and economic cost of healthcare is to lead with integrity. When decisions serve capital gain over patient care, people suffer physically and financially.


Our priority is to do what’s right in the healthcare sector. To us, that means providing advanced diagnostic testing and fast turnaround times with superior customer care. We reduce confusion and unnecessary costs by offering comprehensive lab services that meets physician and client needs at reliable rates.


Physicians best serve their patients when partnered with a lab they can trust. That’s why integrity is paramount. An unwavering commitment to ethically serve the healthcare sector allows us to dramatically improve patient care as we expand our network of healthcare providers and payers across the Southeast and beyond.

More About Synergy

Synergy Laboratories provides a comprehensive diagnostic test offering including clinical, molecular, toxicology, genomics, and pathology services. Headquartered in Mobile, AL, Synergy passionately serves the healthcare sector ethically, putting doctors and patients above profits. At Synergy, we offer one of the lowest fee schedules in the country. Synergy is striving to reduce the human and economic costs of healthcare.

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