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We use presumptive screening tests

(via urine) to detect the prescribed medication and other medication or drug in the patient’s system. The sample reflexes the positives, inconsistencies, and prescribed medications to give our providers the patient-specific results you need to ensure medication compliance.  

Drug and Metabolites

Using LCM/MS Instrumentation


Our Testing Methodology

Gold Standard Quantitative Analysis

High performance liquid chromatography paired with mass spectrometry (HPLC/MS) is the gold standard for quantitative analysis of drugs in urine and oral fluid. At Synergy, we utilize the Sciex triple quadruple 4500 mass spectrometer paired with a Shimadzu chromatography system for fast and accurate results.


Oral Fluids

Optimal for patients who cannot give a urine sample at time of visit.  

35 Drug and Metabolites

The Value of Synergy’s D/L Isomer Test Offering

The L-Isomer is found in the some over-the-counter products such as Vick’s inhaler and is metabolized from the antiparkinson’s prescription drug Seligiline. The D/L Isomer test is reported as a %D Isomer. Anything over 20% D-isomer is consistent with the illicit street drug or the prescription drug Desoxyn or Benzphetamine.

The D/L isomer test differentiates between the two isomers of Methamphetamine, the Dextro or D-methamphetamine (D-Isomer) and the Levo or L-methamphetamine (L-Isomer). The D-isomer is a central nervous system stimulant commonly known as “meth” but it can also be found in the prescription drug Desoxyn and is a metabolic product of the drug Benzphetamine.

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